Olive Miste

A variety of Sicilian Olives (V).


Diced tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. (V)

Prosciutto e Burrata

Prosciutto Crudo Di Parma with fresh Burrata.

Mozzarella Impanata

Crumbed shallow fried buffalo mozzarella. (V)

Arancini del giorno (4)

Crisp and crunchy arancini filled with the chef’s daily selection of different flavors.

Polenta Chips

Shallow fried chickpea and parmesan cheese with aioli sauce.(V)

Crocchette di patate

Potato crocchette mixed with Italian herbs.(V)

Verdure grigliate miste

Grilled vegetables topped with extra virgin olive oil. (GF, V)

Tagliere di salumi e formaggi misti

Chef’s platter of a variety of cold deli meats and traditional italian cheeses served with grissini

Calamari e gamberi fritti

Shallow fried calamari and prawns battered with grated orange and Italian herbs, served with aioli